On January 1st 2015, STS9 transformed the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO as never before seen, and played a set of music unlike any other in their history.

A Beautiful Chaos (Improv)
Peace One (Improv)
Pianoir Outro (Improv)
Modular (Improv)
D&B (Improv)
Black Satin (Improv)
Dub (Improv)
Crystal House (Improv)
Something in E (Improv)

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It was magical to close 2014 and launch an epic 2015 over 3 nights at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver.   Thanks everyone for an amazing year, and all of your support.  Enjoy these highlights from the run. 

World Go Round >
Blu Mood
Oil & Water >
4 year Puma
Trinocular >
Mobsters (Too High)
Rent (Sweet Dreams)
We'll Meet In Our Dreams
…And Some Are Angels >
Breathe In part II

Every STS9 live show is also available for digital download at www.1320Records.com.

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It was magical to close 2014 and launch an epic 2015 over 3 nights at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver.   Thanks everyone for an amazing year, and all of your support.  Enjoy these highlights from the run. 

Summit >   
Click Lang Echo >   
Moon Socket
Life’s Sweet Breath
Water Song
Evasive Maneuvers >
Potamus >
Ramones & Emiglio
Music, Us

Every STS9 live show is also available for digital download at www.1320Records.com.

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It was incredible to return to the Colorado mountains once again and get to play for you all in Vail this past weekend.
You can download the show now right HERE in it’s entirety.
We are also excited to offer the full show as a free stream on our soundcloud page.  Feel free to spread it around!
Can’t wait to see you at CounterPoint in Atlanta in a few weeks!  Thanks for all your support!

2014.04.12 :: Ford Park :: Vail, CO
SET: Click Lang Echo* > Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, GLOgli > Grow, The Rabble, What is Love? New Dawn, New Day > Poseidon**, World Go Round, Tap In, March > 4 Year Puma, Scheme
ENCORE: Kabuki > Breathe In

* - first time played.
** - last time played 09/24/2004

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It's a new dawn...it's a new day... And so began our next chapter this past weekend in Phoenix, where we proudly introduced bassist Alana Rocklin to the STS9 massive on a magical night at McDowell Mountain Music Festival. This show featured it all, from two debut tracks (New Dawn, New Day and World Go Round), to some classic STS9, all with a noticeable punch of renewed energy. Thank you all so much for your support the past few months. We promise we’re going to return the favor ten fold for many years to come. See you all in Vail in a few weeks.

* You can purchase this release NOW via 1320Records.com as well as stream it for FREE here on SoundCloud.

TRACK LIST: New Dawn New Day*, Rent, World Go Round*, Wika Chikana, Kamuy, Vapors, Golden Gate, 20-12, Circus, Inspire Strikes Back, When The Dust Settles
*first time played

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We are pleased to present you with the much anticipated podcast release of “Solstice”.  Capturing nearly three hours of live STS9, “Solstice” documents highlights from the bands first coast to coast tour in two years throughout the first half of 2013.  We’re really proud of this mix of tunes and we’re sure you will all agree it was worth the wait for this one! 

We welcome everyone to share this far and wide.  You can download and stream is right HERE, as well as on iTunes and SoundCloud.  Enjoy!


Scheme Reprise
F Word
Moon Socket
When The Dust Settles
Beyond Right Now
Crystal Instrument
Luma Daylight
By The Morning Sun
Blu Mood
Revolution 1993
Really What?
Golden Gate
Be Nice
Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist
Inspire Strikes Back

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STS9-Scheme-from the new EP 'When The Dust Settles'
Metallica-Seek and Destroy (Bassnectar Remixxx)
Emancipator-Safe in the Steep Cliffs
Lotus-Kesey Seed
Big Gigantic-Sky High
Glitch Mob-99 Problems But A Glitch Ain't One/ STS9 Beyond Right Now MASH UP
Tycho-Coastal Brake
Beats Antique-Miss Levine
Little People-Basique
Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix)
Paper Diamond-Snowfall
Break Science-The Alliance (feat Talib Kweli)
The Great Mundane-Cubicle Porn Stars
The Glitch Mob-Fortune Days
Up Until Now-Good To You
Eliot Lipp-Its Time to Leave (Pretty Lights Remix)
Inspired Flight-The Plan (feat Eligh)
The Polish Ambassador - The Entrance (The Polish Ambassador Remix)
The Malah-Yorokobu (Live)
Keys n' Krates-Give Me The Night
STS9 - 20-12 (Live)


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This past March STS9 had the honor of sharing the stage with JAY-Z at Denver, Colorado's Pepsi Center in March of 2010.  Here you will find the first ever SBD release of an STS9 LIVE PA SET, in it's entirety, and for free to share with the world! 

We thought it would be a the perfect way to cap off an amazing evening of seeing 13,000 strong feeling the energy of STS9 in one of the country's premier arenas. 

We hope you enjoy!

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A podcast of who's who of STS9's self owned 1320 RECORDS' current roster which kicks off with "ATLAS" the debut single off of STS9's studio release AD EXPLORATA which comes out in November 2009.  Dig into a hour of free 1320 madness that includes tracks from the PEACEBLASTER MAKE IT RIGHT REMIXES as well as Flying Skulls, Nalepa, Bass Science, Eskmo, Fuzz, Calmer, Virtual Boy, St. Andrew and MORE!
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STS9 closed out 2008, a year that saw stunning success from all facets
of the STS9 and 1320 RECORDS family, with their lengthiest headline
tour in quite some time.   What you find here is the most coherent
culmination of over two dozens shows, 7,000+ miles traveled and over
30,000 tickets sold we could sum up.  This podcast has it all as it
winds from the opening track of an extremely rare stand-alone version
of "EB" in our nations capitol to a one-two punch of "ABCEES -> WHAT
IS LOVE?" taken from a stop in Sin City, USA to the fan favorite "EHM"
in it's dirtiest disguise from Birmingham's historic Alabama Theatre.  The cast ends with perhaps one of the most poignant moments of 2008 as
an emotional version of "BARAKA" closed out the bands New Orleans show as the sold out crowd began chanting "Yes We Can" as an ode to the pending historic election just hours away.  All in all, an amazing time in history to be traveling this vast country.  We hope you enjoy the glimpse we've provided here.  Thank you for all your support.

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